Welcome to Real Life Survivor

We are a non profit organization, dedicated to fundraising for every cause, every condition and every circumstance, so no one ever has to suffer in silence or feel alone.

Your donations & proceeds from the sales of Real Life Survivor clothing are greatly appreciated, as they provide funding for this cause - and every little bit helps!

Survivor of the Month: Cristina Coria

Celebrity Supporters

Past Survivors of the Month

Jun, 2020 - Lisa Boyd
May, 2020 - Cheryl Theriault
Apr, 2020 - Scout Cloud Lee
Mar, 2020 - Michael Coss
Feb, 2020 - Jennifer Mendez
Jan, 2020 - Ray Housteau
Dec, 2019 - Karen Richardson
Nov, 2019 - Lisa Richard
Oct, 2019 - Louie Stravato
Sep, 2019 - Greg Hoben
Aug, 2019 - Bruce Hughes
Jul, 2019 - Kim Kelly



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